ln new century,Yiguan people will continue to shoulder the missionof inheriting the Chinese traditional culture. carrying forward thecanned fruit culture; adhere to our bounden social responsibility toproduce the safety and reassuring food by our conscience.Thedevelopment way for Yiguan Food is one principle runs through itall, that is, for the prospect of becoming the No.1 in Chinese cannedfruit industry, Yiguan staff are consistent to product quality and tocustomer service, and finally impels and realize four-party win-win,the society, the customer, the staff and the shareholder.

Company corporate culture:

Corporate Vision: Become the No. 1 in China's canned fruit industry

Enterprise policy: people-oriented, honesty and law-abiding, safety and environmental protection, pursuit of excellence

Enterprise mission: Let everyone eat safe, nutritious, convenient and fashionable canned food

Corporate Pursuit: Let "One Pot" people live a happy life

Enterprise purpose: make every pot well

The core values of the company:

☆Customers 1. Respect customers and create value

☆Employees 2. Common "One Can" and "One Can"

☆Quality 3. Quality is like life, only once

☆Market 4. The market is ruthless and will die if you do not enter

☆Integrity 5. Honesty and trustworthiness

☆Responsibility 6. Responsible to people and yourself

The core idea of the enterprise:

Survival philosophy: only right way can be right fruit

Entrepreneurship philosophy: Tribulation is a compulsory course for successful people

Business philosophy: seek development by quality, seek benefit by management

Brand concept: brand creates value, value creates wealth

Wealth concept: money is something outside the body, growth is the first wealth in life

Work philosophy: practicing simple methods to the extreme is a trick

Concept of life: Be strict with yourself and be tolerant to others

Promotion concept: create results, cultivate talents, and be promoted

Employment concept: Excellent talents are assets, mediocre employees are liabilities

Salary philosophy: rewards for results, no results are a shame

Success concept: Only by honestly paying can complete success

Management philosophy: what should be said, what is said to be done, what is done is seen, what is seen is effective

Achievement concept: ordinary people pursue goals, outstanding people exceed goals, outstanding people create miracles

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