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Zhejiang Taizhou YiguanFood Company Limited implements traceability food safety system for the whole industry chain, from thegarden to table, regards the raw materials base as enterprise's first workshop.

The company implements win-win industrialization operation mode of company + base + cooperatives + farmer, sets
up the pollution-free fruit raw material
bases of ctrus yellow peach,white peach.pear and apple in the main planting areas including Taizhou Zhejiang ×uzhou Jiangsu.Dangshan Anhui, ShenzhouHebei, Longkou Shandong, and establishes long-erm close cooperation with the local agricultural technical sectors and main planting illages.

For key issues found before, in or after production, the company hires localagricultural tech experts, cultivation experts to train and guide the farmersof the bases in accordance with the GMP requirements, establish fieldmanagement file, guide manuals for production and planting and for insectpesticide control, to ensure the traceability of base's raw material is undercontrol.



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