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Processing method and preservation principle of canned fruit

Canned fruit is a kind of fresh-keeping food in which fresh fruits are selected, peeled, canned, exhausted, sealed, heat sterilized, and cooled to achieve commercial sterility and extend the shelf life of the food. The fresh fruit pulp is packed into tinned metal cans, glass cans, or high-temperature cooking bags, etc., and sealed high-temperature sterilization is used to isolate the food in the can from the outside world and no longer be contaminated by microorganisms, and at the same time, most of the microorganisms in the can die , Eliminates the main cause of food spoilage, so canned fruits can have a longer shelf life without adding preservatives. Canned fruit does not destroy the organization of the fruit in the production and processing, and better preserves the appearance and nutritional content of the fruit. It has been favored by consumers for many years. According to different processing methods, canned fruits are divided into canned fruit in syrup, canned fruit in syrup, canned fruit in jam, and canned fruit juice. The main representative products are canned oranges in syrup and canned yellow peaches.

The difference between the shelf life of food (optimum shelf life) and the shelf life of food (recommended final shelf life)

The shelf life of food refers to the period for maintaining the quality (quality) of the food under the storage conditions (such as temperature, humidity, etc.) specified on the label.

Definition of canned food (canned food)

Canned food is a food processing method that can be preserved for a long time, which is made by pre-processing and seasoning food raw materials, then filling them into containers, vacuum sealing

How to choose canned food and the key points of buying canned food

One is to look at the packaging, look at the label

Break down the "four grievances" of Chinese canned products

Canned food plays an important role in daily life. However, people have certain misunderstandings about the manufacturing, preservation principles, nutritional value, how to distinguish the quality of canned food, and the method of storage. This makes canned food, a safe, healthy and convenient snack food, suffer "eternal injustice". Let’s count down the "four grievances" of canned food.
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