Quality control

Zhejiang Taizhou Yiguan Food Company Linited initiates the conception of practicing simple work to the acme is a unique sil, each procedureis processed with perfect still, every innovation is explored like walking on thin ice, exhaust all posilites, and be rigid in detal's perfect toguarantee quality naturally.


Zhejiang Taizhou Yiguan Canned Fruit Science and Technology Research and DevelopmentCenter is composed by a rich experience management team and well-trained engineer.Technical personnel actively participate in the revision of national standards of canned fruitindustry, establishes long-term and exchange cooperation with relative domestic scientificresearch institutes,colleges and universities.The company dispatches personnel to overseasfirst-class food enterprises to observe and learn the advanced experience and achievementsevery year.


From fruit planting, selecting, processing, finished product's storage to transportationand delivery, there are well-trained professional staff to check each step, analyzebiological, chemical and physical hazards, set critical control points and criticallimits, and formulate control plan, corrective action and verification method.Overyears practice, the company established a quality supervision mode of "fourinspections five supervisions", which was combined with corresponding inspectionrewards and punishment rules, linked to each department's economic benefit,daily published and monthly summarized, and strictly control each critical controlpoints in the production, to ensure the principle of do every can well.