Message from the chairman

On behalf of the pot Food Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Taizhou (Zhejiang Huangyan first canned food factory) to all staff at home and abroad who have been concerned about and support the development of enterprises express my most sincere greetings!
Inf, Zhejiang Taizhou Food Co., after years of solid work a jar and credit management to high-speed and steady development; become the largest canned fruit production enterprises. Unswervingly adhere to: "quality service, scientific management, honesty production, the pursuit of excellence" approach to business; staff begin: only honest pay to the success of "action guidelines.
"Miles Guanshan from scratch, to ride is at the time" The past is an extraordinary and glorious history, but the results only belong to the past; in order to better meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, we will uphold the "impartiality, honesty, propriety, law-abiding" business moral principles, with a new attitude and forward-looking to draw more ambitious blueprint century.
In the new century, innovation, courage, with great concentration to create newer, better rendering of high-quality products to our customers, also sincerely hope that with the new and old friends at home and abroad brainstorming ahead, join hands in creating a brighter future!


Chairman: WU Yong Jin
China Canned Food Industry Association and vice president
Canned Industry Association of Zhejiang Province
China CFNA canned orange branch chairman